10pcs 500pcs Esata esata Data Cable Red Hard font b Disk b font Box With Shield
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10pcs 500pcs Esata esata Data Cable Red Hard Disk Box With Shield 2m Wire

10pcs- 500pcs Esata-esata Data Cable Red Hard Disk Box With Shield 2m Wire

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Esata-esata Data Cable Red Hard Disk Box With Shield 2m Wire

10pcs — 500pcs

Wire name: eSATA to eSATA data cable (with braided shield)

Wire length: 2 meters

ESATA Introduction:

External storage devices (such as mobile hard disk) interface is still widely used USB2.0 or IEEE1394, although the two interface data transfer rate reached 480Mpbs / 400Mbps, but they can not play the hard disk and other equipment, the greatest potential. Therefore, eSATA interface appears, eSATA full name is External Serial ATA (external serial ATA), it is SATA interface external expansion specification, transmission speed and SATA exactly the same. In other words, eSATA is an «external» version of SATA, which is used to connect external rather than internal SATA devices. For example, with eSATA interface, you can easily SATA hard drive and motherboard eSATA interface connection, without opening the chassis to replace the SATA hard drive. At present, many desktop motherboard has been provided on the eSATA interface

SATA interface has recently become the focus of a variety of storage devices, SATA hard drive to replace the PATA hard drive to become the next generation of hard disk interface mainstream, even the optical drive interface will also be gradually converted to SATA. In the future Intel mainstream 965 platform, the ICH8 has completely abandoned the traditional ATA interface.

However, the external storage device interface is more common for USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394, the transmission rate of USB 2.0 up to 480Mbps, IEEE 1394 up to 400Mbps. But the transmission speed of these interfaces has been unable to meet the needs of more and more equipment. ESATA interface came into being, then, then in the end what is eSATA technology? The transmission speed is how much?

Analysis of eSATA interface specification

In fact, eSATA and what new technology, eSATA is actually already introduced external SATA II specification, is the industry standard interface Serial ATA (SATA) extension. Note that eSATA is just an extended SATA interface that is used to connect external rather than internal SATA devices. Simply by eSATA technology, so that the external I / O interface using SATA2 features, such as eSATA interface, you can easily SATA2 hard drive into the eSATA interface, without opening the chassis to replace SATA2 hard drive.

While supporting hot-swapping, the more powerful SATA specification has been around for a long time, it has been in the mainstream market for mobile storage markets. We can see the fact that: most of the PC system and the motherboard are not configured on the standard external SATA interface; the market can not buy only to provide SATA external interface, mobile storage devices; if the naked SATA hard drive directly applied to the outside, It lacks a convenient power connection and lacks effective protection itself, fragile PCBs are completely exposed, and because SATA cables can only be plugged dozens of times, it does not seem to match the needs of the move.

However, eSATA seems to be the easiest problem to solve, it does not involve the underlying complex technology, only need to improve the interface part of the next, the final application form is clearly the need to configure the hard disk in a box-like device, although the SATA hard disk itself Support hot swap. The industry’s description of the eSATA interface is based on the standard SATA cable and interface, the installation of the installation of metal shrapnel to ensure the stability of the physical connection, and eSATA cable can be inserted and removed 2000 times, which also for eSATA to seize the power to create A very good condition.

ESATA is a SATA external interface, can be achieved as SATA-like transmission speed, such as eSATA 1500Mbps or eSATA 3000Mbps. ESATA 3000Mbps speed is also backward compatible with 1500Mbps, with the current situation of the same desktop hard drive. The initial external SATA solution may fail to comply with the eSATA specification, and only the product that obtained the eSATA logo will represent the latest Serial ATA specification. As the eSATA interface is faster, some high-end mobile hard disk drives have already used the eSATA interface.

The speed advantage of the eSATA interface
The SATA interface is designed for use in system chassis only. The emergence of eSATA will allow users to connect the SATA hard disk outside the computer and not as limited to the inside of the computer. Of course, you can also use USB or FireWire to achieve this function, but eSATA has a great transmission speed advantage: in the current market, USB 2.0 data transfer speed can reach 480Mb / s, IEEE 1394 data transfer speed Can reach 400Mb / s. However, eSATA can provide up to 3000Mb / s data transmission speed, much higher than USB2.0 and IEEE1394, and still maintain a convenient hot swap function, the user does not need to shut down will be able to connect or remove the SATA device at any time, Very convenient.

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Цена:  3456.00 руб. / шт.
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