Hard font b disk b font maintenance and data recovery tool MRT Ultra single font b
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Hard font b disk b font maintenance and data recovery tool MRT Ultra single font b

Hard disk maintenance and data recovery tool MRT Ultra single disk version — instead of PC 3000

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MRT Lab English official website: en.mrtlab.com/

MRT Ultra is a new product built by the MRT firmware lab in 2015. It is the world’s first PCIE2.0 interface data recovery tool. MRT Ultra focuses on high quality, high speed and perfect user experience, and can be considered high-end configuration in MRT tools. The MRT Ultra software platform supports 32 bit and 64 bit Windows operating systems. MRT Ultra has more ports, more advanced technology, less CPU resource usage, and SATA3.0 hardware design. There are two main power inputs, 4 power output interfaces, 4 S, ATA3.0 interfaces, and 1 IDE interfaces. At the same time, the performance of MRT Ultra has been greatly improved. Test firmware transmission speed increased from 2MByte / s to 33MByte / s. The test DE imaging speed is increased to 460MByte / s, and theoretical transmission speed is up to 600MByte / s. The tool is a good choice for users with large amounts of traffic, specialized data recovery companies, and disk repair organizations. There is a full version of the online, stand-alone full version, stand-alone repair disk version of software.

The MRT Ultra single disk version is a cost-effective repair tool that does not contain data recovery capabilities (i.e., data extraction capabilities).

Package contains:

Prominent features

PCI-Express 1 interface with two native SATA 2 ports and one IDE port

Support all IDE (CE, CF, ZIF), SATA (MICRO, SATA) interface hard disk

Supports 1.8 Inch, 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch hard drives, up to 5TB capacity

One key automatic hard disk diagnosis and maintenance module

An efficient USB terminal that can be used with the Seagate F3 serial hard disk

Support the Flash ROM programming unit

Supports restoring damaged firmware in the hard disk

Ability to unlock and reset hard disk passwords (i.e., decrypt hard disks)

Supports data recovery and repair of hard disk drives that fail because of the read / write head

Support virtual head mapping technology

Hard disk repair that supports physically damaged sectors

Conforms to SATA 2 standard, SATA port speed up to 150MB / S

Conforms to the UDMA66 standard, IDE port speed of up to 66MB / S

Supported operating system

Windows XP 32 bit / 64 bit, Windows 200332 bit / 64 bit, Windows Vista 32 bit / 64 bit, Windows 732 bit / 64 bit

Software upgrade

The MRT lab regularly updates its software to fix possible errors and adds features to solve new hard disk firmware problems. We are committed to providing a first-class user experience for our data recovery tools.

MRT main interface

The import function of the MRT main interface provider. It uses modular expansion structure, consisting of main program and multiple modules. Each factory program can provide various functions and upgrade periodically. New modules can be added to enhance functionality in the future. MRT Express software currently offers the following modules:

Generic tools that provide common features such as disk scanning, ROM programmers, and database management tools.
Data recovery tools provide data browser functions such as disk mirroring, file system mirroring, and so on.
Hitachi / IBM / HGST

Common tool modules

The MRT generic tool factory program provides common features such as disk scanning, disk surface testing, and disk information checking.

Data recovery tool module (DE)

The MRT data recovery factory program provides data browser capabilities such as enhanced disk mirroring, file system extensions, and more. Disk mirroring can deal with bad sectors, and can copy the data from the hard disk has a lot of bad sectors.

The file system extensions feature allows you to extract all files from your target drive.

The professional parameter setting panel for copying disks conforms to the industry standard. It provides separate copies, reverse copies, and other advanced features. In addition, it is the west, Seagate and Hitachi’s independent copy provides the perfect support.

Western Digital Module

The MRT module provides the maintenance function for WD WD hdd. Its unique diagnostic mode allows you to quickly process a hard disk that is not ready (that is, BUSY is long and bright).

It has convenient firmware folder management function. For each hard disk you need to handle, it will build a special folder for it, and you can arrange all the hard disk firmware resources based on the folder. This makes it very convenient to manage firmware resources.

Unique «read module by rail» can read and write modules correctly, and other similar products can not be done on the market.

The list of WDC modules provides detailed information about each module.

Its unique arithmetic formula generates ROM from the SA firmware region.

It supports the ability to use the database to manage firmware.

The database is in full compliance with the industry standard database format, which means you can import firmware directly from other databases.

For Seagate module

MRT Seagate plant program contains unique functions to read and write the SA magnetic path directly.This is important because many of Seagate’s failures are caused by data errors in the SA track.Other common Seagate tools on the market cannot read or write the SA magnetic path directly, but the capabilities provided by MRT Express can implement this step.

The MRT’s Seagate factory procedure not only allows users to read and write SA magnetic paths, but also can directly analyze and modify data in SA magnetic path.This is an effective way to deal with this problem on a Seagate hard drive.At the same time, the Seagate plant program also contains a unique serial port replication function, which is very useful.For example, when the ATmA interface of the Seagate hard disk is disconnected and not ready, the user can copy the user’s data as long as the user can access the serial port.This functionality can also be used for disk copying.It provides an effective plan for extracting data from Seagate’s hard drive.

At the same time, the Seagate program also provides a key repair solution, which solves the performance of the front-end parts, but the terminal part is a bad problem in the F12 series hard disk.At present, many Seagate F12 hard drives have this common failure, which may be caused by a variety of reasons.The most common cause is a table error caused by a defect.For these types of hard drives, a key repair solution for the Seagate program is likely to solve it.

The Boot mode tool provides tools to work in the Seagate Boot code mode, which can be used to read and write roms and other advanced features.

The MRT firmware write tool is used to write the firmware of the Seagate hard disk.It can fix many faults caused by broken firmware by writing to the correct firmware.

SA ABA reading and writing tool can read and write system LBA directly.It is an effective tool to repair the service area.

Hitachi/IBM/HGST — Hitachi module

The MRT Hitachi factory program provides repair for all Hitachi drives.

Hitachi — IBM series

Hitachi — IBM module support series has the function of the dialog box, including: family options TAB, input model, resource loading paths option, unknown family access options, detecting function button and remove the password button.

Hitachi — IBM module testing

Hitachi — IBM module test function menu include: basic information, sub menu, defect table editor, formatting tool, remove the SMART, LDR loader, head test, hard disk, SA ID editor overall migration options, RAM related operations DengZi menu functions.Special features include the ability to manipulate SA, as well as beheading and redefining the main header option.

Hitachi — IBM module tools

IBM Hitachi module tools menu include: firmware viewer submenu, reset, and the sleep option, logic scan, CHS and LBA editor, database operation submenu, timeout parameter Settings, open the function such as the function of the current working folder submenu.Special features include the hard disk resource viewer and the user sector viewer.

Hitachi ARM series

Hitachi — ARM module program in support of the family has a function dialog box, including: family TAB, unknown access options, the path of load module list option, unlock function button and detecting technology password option.

Hitachi — ARM module test

Hitachi — ARM module test function menu includes: basic function submenu, formatting, defect table function sub menu operation, remove the SMART, reconstruction of virtual compiler function submenu and RAM sub menu operation, and other related functional sub menu.Special functions include SA related operations.

Hitachi — IBM module tools

IBM Hitachi tool function module menu includes: firmware viewer viewer and reset function sub menu, the user sectors and sleep options, timeout parameter setting, database operation, open the current working folder and other functional sub menu.Special features include the hard disk resource viewer.

Toshiba module

The family series supported by the MRT Toshiba module contains a dialog box that includes the family TAB and the ability to read and write ATA functions.

Toshiba module tool

Toshiba tool function module menu includes: firmware target viewer, reset and sleep options, security subsystem, CHS and LBA defects table editor, database operation menu, logic scan and sector viewer, timeout parameter Settings, open the current working folder and other functional sub menu.Special functions include the ability to read and write a SA trajectory.

Toshiba module test

Toshiba module testing function menu includes: basic state views submenu, SA, hard disk password function sub menu operation, display area table, defects table editor submenu, remove the SMART, head test, format menu functions such as the ability of the SA.Special features include beheadings and cutting options.

Maxtor module

The series of products supported by the company has a functional dialog box that includes a family TAB and load resource path options.In addition, the function buttons include: reading device ID, initializing firmware, loading LDR, reset device, ROM operation, resetting hard disk, initialization module, etc.

Test of extension module

The module test menu includes: basic information submenu, defect table editor, SMART and other submenu functions.Its special functions include SA operation.

Maxtor module tool

The extension module tool menu includes: firmware viewer submenu, reset and sleep options, timeout parameter Settings, and the ability to open the current work folder.Special features include the hard disk resource viewer and the user sector viewer.

Samsung module

The samsung module provides repair for samsung’s hard drive.Function menu includes: module list, reading and writing module, read, write and backup option batch and resources backup database support, remove the password, remove the SMART, remove ALIST, from a single head copy, read and write, ROM options, in terminal mode, clear «LDE 1 axxx» error, check and editing area table, check and edit the default table, finally able to download and BURN resources.

Fujitsu module

MRT Fujitsu module provides the maintenance function of Fujitsu hard disk.The menu includes: clear code, list of modules, read and write modules, check and edit ROM, and check and edit default tables.

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