Kingfast Msata mini PC internal SATA II III MLC 128GB with cache 128Mb Solid State hard
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F6M Kingfast Msata ssd mini PC internal SATA II III MLC 120GB ssd mSATA Solid State

Kingfast Msata mini PC internal SATA II/III MLC 128GB with cache 128Mb Solid State hard disk Drive for PC Tablet/loptop/desktop

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Kingfast Msata mini PC internal SATAIII MLC 128GB with cache128Mb Solid State hard Drive for PC Tablet/loptop/desktop

Please format the SSD first before you use it according to the video we show,if it still not working,please contact us drsctly,thanks!

1. Why I bought 64GB USB, but the computer show it is about 58GB?


. Flash memory producers are using decimal arithmetic:

1KB=1000Bit, 1MB = 1000KB, 1G = 1000MB

‚. Calculated, the operating system using binary arithmetic:

1KB=1024Bit, 1MB = 1024KB, 1GB = 1024MB

And there is a hidden flash area occupy some capacity.

That is why there are some differences between display capacity and nominal capacity of flash memory product.

8GB = approximately 7.4GB-7.6GB

16GB = approximately 14GB-15GB

32GB = approximately 28GB-30GB

64GB = approximately 58GB-60GB

128GB = approximately 120GB-125GB

Please Note: All the SSDs we sold in our store are the Original Brand items and we can provide the Statement if you like, so please note it is the normal thing if there are a little difference in the Appearance/Colors/Packing/Capacity/Speed of SSDs.

Therefore, we never accept the Disputes about all the Notices we list,so please kindly contact us firstly before you place order or have any questions,tks!

Features: 1. mSATA3.0 6Gbps transfer interface, Backwards compatible with mSATA2 and mSATA interfaces. 2. Built-in the most excellent 4K IOPS performance Controller-SMI2246EN technology. 3. Built-in the latest High-speed MLC Flash. 4. 3 years warranty. 5. Exclusively support F/W update online. 6. NCQ/TRIM/SMART Support 7. No mechanical components, No noise.Anti-shock, Anti-vibration. 8. Excellent ECC capacity-Ensures higher reliability and Longer SSD life. 9. 9 step strict testing procedures and 100% traceability. 10.Affordable prices as always Specification: 1) Product Name: F9M 128GB SSD 2) Brand: KingFast 3) Series: F9M 4) Device Type: Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) 5) Capacity: 128GB 6) Cache: 128MB 7) Flash Type: MLC 8) Interface: mSATA3.0 9) Size: 30*50*3.5 mm 10) Performance Sequential Read/Write (Max): 500/170MB/s 128GB Sequential Read/Write (Max): 510/290MB/s 256GB Sequential Read/Write (Max): 550/340MB/s 512GB Input Voltage: 3.3V±5% Power Consumption (Idle): 0.3W Power Consumption (Active): 2W 11) Reliability M.T.B.F.: >2,000,000 hours S.M.A.R.T.: Support 12) Environment Operating Temp.: 0~70 Degreen Storage Temp.: -55~95 Degreen 13) Warranty: 3 years

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Цена:  4043.00 руб. / шт.
Цена продажи:  2871.00 руб. / шт.