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KingSpec New Z1 External Portable SSD 256GB Solid State Hard Drive Disk 240GB for laptop/Mac/desktop Type-C USB3.1 Gen.2 10Gbps

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KingSpec New Z1 External Portable SSD 256GB Solid State Hard Drive Disk 240GB for laptop/Mac/desktop Type-C USB3.1 Gen.2 10Gbps

Z1, as a portable solid state drive which has high performance and reliable stability. Z1 outer case is made of aluminum alloy with CNC processing; new Type-c cable interface supports both sides of USB ports insert identification. The speed of data transferring reached up to USB3.1-10Gbps.

Model No.: Z1-MXXX

Factor: 82mm*39mm*10.25mm±0.5mm(L×W×H)

Interface: Type-C USB3.1 Gen.2 10Gbps

MLC Capacity: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

SLC Capacity: 128GB, 256GB
Average Access time: 0.1ms (1TB)
128GB Sustained Read/Write: 700~740 /300~320MB/s (for reference only)
4KB Sepuential Read IOPS: 38000 (1TB)
4KB Sepuential Write IOPS: 40000 (1TB)
MTBF: 1, 000, 000hours
Operating Temperature: 0~70º C
Warranty: MLC 3 years; SLC 5 years
Packing: standard gift box

Our products’Competitive Advantage:

1) 2016 new product
2) Fast read/write speed, faster application load times
3) High reliability, data stability
4) Low energy consumption
5) Anti-shock, anti-dust, Noiseless, superior security
6) Shockproof, rugged design safe and high stability and reliability

1. Datasheet

Item Model Z1-MXXX
General Size 82mm*39mm*10.25mm±0.5mm(L×W×H)
Capacity 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Interface and compability Type C interface, support USB 3.1 standard, downward compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0
Support OS Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac10.7 or higher
Performance Capacity 128G 256G 512G 1TB
Read (MB/s) 700~740 720~780 740~850 750~850
Write(MB/s) 250~300 250~300 420~460 420~460
4K random read IOPS 38000 (1TB)
4K random write IOPS 40000 (1TB)
Average access time 0.1ms (1TB)
Flash NAND Flash MLC/SLC (SLC max. 256GB)
Features Input voltage 5V±5%
Idle power 1.5W(1TB)
Working power 7.5W(1TB)
Stability and reliability Write life 8 years (write 100GB data to the disk per day)
Read life Unlimited
Storage 10 years under 25
MTBF 1,000,000 hours
ECC Hardware BCH ECC capable of correcting errors up to 66-bit/1KB
Bad block management Automatic bad bolck management
Environment Working temp. 0~70
Storage temp. -20~75
Humidity 5-95%
Warranty 3 years
Certificate CE, ROHS, FCC, REACH
Mass production Yes NO EOL
Testing platform CPU: Intel® Core (TM) i3-6300 CPU @ 3.80GHz
Chipset: Intel® Z68 Express Chipset
Memory: Kingston DDR4 4GB
OS: Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64bit
AHCI Driver: Intel Chipset SATA AHCI Controller
BIOS Settings: AHCI Mode
Testing tool Crystal DiskMark3.03
AS SSD Benchmark 1.6.4237.30508
ATTO Disk Benchmarks V2.47
HD Tune Pro5.00

User instructions

1.1 Accessories:

Packing case X1;

Z1 SSD X1;

User Manual X1;

Data cable X1(Std. A to typeC)

2.1 Environment requirements

In order to achieve best performance, please follow these requirements below:

USB3.1 interface is recommended as the best configuration that can support Z1 SSD reach the best data transferring rate.

3.1 USB interfaces

USB types and transferring rates:

USB1.1 12Mbps;

USB2.0 480Mbps;

USB3.0 5Gbps;

USB3.1 10Gbps.

The performance of Z1 will be affected when connect to lower grads USB interface (eg.USB3.0, USB2.0 and USB1.1).


Z1 SSD performance might be affected by different operating systems (OS); such as OS without UASP (USB-SCSI agreements protocol) supports, performance of SSD will reduce.

When Z1 connect to USB1.1 or USB2.0, PC might not be able to detect the SSD drive, or bump up a warning that reminds you to format drive. Please DO NOT format, otherwise you will lose data PERMENANTLY. Reconnect Z1 to USB3.0 or USB3.1, it will run normally.

Connect Z1 to other devices

There may be limitations if you connect Z1 to other electrical devices, such as TV, Printer, Audio Player, mobile phone etc., please pre-check the specifications of terminal devices to make sure Z1 can be detected.

How to use Z1

You need to format Z1 SSD before first use.

Activation procedures: connect Z1 SSD to PC; Click on ‘my computer’; enter ‘disk management’; find Z1 SSD icon and right click to find formatting; after formatting, your Z1 SSD is ready to use.


Since the OS of Windows is different from MAC, there may be limitations on data reading and writing.

If your PC has one operation system only, please find the relative format method as the table showing below:

Format of file




Read (yes)

Write (yes)

Read (yes)

Write (yes)


Read (yes)

Write (yes)

Read (yes)

Write (no)


Read (no)

Write (no)

Read (yes)

Write (yes)

If your PC has two operating systems, please format Z1 SSD as exFAT form, and please follow instructions below to recover the accessing permission.

For Windows OS: when warning dialog window ‘restricted accessing ’jumps out; please choose scan and recover, the disk will run normally.

For Mac OS: Reconnect Z1, then can work normally.

For other operating systems (except windows and mac.), please check your system supported file types. The disk may not be detected under different OS. Under this condition, Z1 has to be formatted in order to match with OS, but all data will be deleted permanently.

Enjoy the excellent performance after activation.


When disconnecting Z1, please do ‘Reject Mass Storage’ to remove your drive safely.


If users are not following the instructions properly, company is not responsible for any damages or data loss caused by false operations Important data backup Please backup your important data constantly to prevent any losses. Our company will not take any responsibilities on users’ data loss.

2. Product picture for portable SSD:

3. Package:

4. Company Information:

KingSpec Electronic Technology company’s brief introduction:

We KingSpec are a solid state disk manufacturer, specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing and selling SSD products as well as other storage devices like USB flash drives, memory card, and dom. Besides designing and producing our products, we also do the OEM and ODM. Our factory had passed ISO9001:2008 certification and had membership with SSDA, the SSDs are CE, FCC certificated. After several years of effort, our independent R&D SSD products have entered the global market successfully and won excellent public praise from our client comes from Europe, America, Southeast Asia and many other countries.

5. Factory pictures:

Kingspec SSD 2.5" SATA MLC 256GB Solid State Hard Drive Disk R/W: 520/430MB/s

Kingspec SSD 2.5" SATA MLC 256GB Solid State Hard Drive Disk R/W: 520/430MB/s

6. Brief introduction of production process:

7. Certificates:

8. Shipping options:

9. Company fair:

8. Our shops:

10. Our team:

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