Laptop 9 5mm SATA 3 2nd HDD SSD Caddy 6Gbps Second Solid State Hard font b
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Laptop 9 5mm SATA 3 2nd HDD SSD Caddy 6Gbps Second Solid State Hard font b

Laptop 9.5mm SATA 3 2nd HDD SSD Caddy 6Gbps Second Solid State Hard Disk Enclosure Dual Shockproof DVD CD Optical Drive Bay Case

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Brand New High Quality Perfect Universal 9.2mm 9.5mm Laptop 2nd HDD SSD Caddy SATA 3 Second Solid State Hard Disk Dual LED Shockproof Optical Drive Bay magnesium aluminum Black Free Shipping

100% Brand New in box

1 year warranty

New Patented Design to prevent losing power suddenly

A variety of features far better than ordinary soft aluminum product

Product Description:

You can now have two hard drives in your Laptop!

Add a Second Hard Drive (drive size up to 9.5mm in height) to your laptop using your laptop’s optical drive bay. Add it as a second drive in the laptop in lieu of the SATA Optical drive. This device/caddy will fit in the CD/DVD/Optical drive bay in your laptop.

By replacing your optical drive, you can install up to a 3 TB hard drive in this enclosure to increase your available storage space. This drive also is available via Target Disk Mode when connected to another laptop using Firmwire.

Does not include hard drive. Comes with a standard black bezel.You will have to transfer the faceplate of your optical drive to our caddy for a proper fit.

Optical Bay is 9.5 mm tall. Accepts 2.5 inch SATA hard drives up to 9.5 mm in height.

This enclosure does not work with ATA drives or drives taller than 9.5mm.


Most brands of laptops with 9.5mm SATA interal optial drives.

Why to choose this caddy?

  1. Aluminum and PVC structure got good heat dissipation, solid and durable.

  2. much slighter structure but much stronger in physicality.

  3. Contactless harddrive dissipation design, tested 2-10 lower than main hard drive slot.

  4. Use original chips and got many years of technology accumulation; thicker and standar SATA signal cable, And it passed the signal integrity test and electrostatic protection test, promise can reach the ideal speed for the laptop and durable.

  5. Use PVC shock screw and rubber pad, plus antistatic sticker solid and antistatic, let you use at ease.

  6. Swappable front panel cover design, able to install original cove.

  7. SATA III 6Gbps standard, backward compatible with SATA II and SATA.

  8. Hot-Swap support, able to swap between optical drive without shut down.

  9. Bootable drive support .

  10. Dual LED indicator.

  11. Easy data backup to secondary storage, backup is always available.

  12. Free tools included — Screws driver, screws, anti-shock pads and stickers.

    Adopt humanized elliptical hollowed-out design paved with anti-static sticker, so as to decrease the thickness and be better suitable with hard disk. It achieves bottomless effect, and ensure the safety of using, which is the most perfect design so far.

Perfect Universal 9.2mm 9.5mm Laptop 2nd HDD SSD Caddy SATA3 Second Solid State Hard Disk Dual LED Shockproof Optical Drive Bay Replacement Features:

  • New Patented Design to prevent losing power suddenly, With this technology, the C0 count will not be increased after shutdown, restart, or hibernation.
  • Made of magnesium aluminum alloy,processed mirror polishing, never be oxidized. Meanwhile, black material has better Performance on heat-dissipation and shield various electromagnetic interference.
  • Dual shock shrapnel patented design, Not only hard disk shock, bay itself increases the damping spring, effectively reducing the overall vibration.
  • Supports 2.5″ full range of hard drives with SATA I\II\III interface. Compatible various master solid state disk. The new program adopt SATA3.0 technology, top speeds of up to 6Gbps.
  • Dual switch integrates four original hard drive bays programs to various brands of notebook computers, you do not have to worry about NA.
  • Tool-free design patent: You no longer have to worry about not having a small screwdriver down the hard drive when it does not split the troubles; The old screw-locking design is eliminate, just because the screws are easy to destroy the hard disk, especial SSD. And we have to separate them vioulently if the screw is bad.
  • Slice-style double LED light, let you know the working status clearly at a glance.
  • Plug and play, click eject icon on the bottom bight corner, then the light goes out and the hard drive turn off completely.

About the hard disk drive bay channel protection switch: Channel protection switch is specially designed to solve following problems: 1, Some hard drives can not be recognized; 2, Some hard drive is stuck or run slow; 3, some computer can not shut down normally or shut down but still power on. [Notes 1] dual-channel switch four modes corresponding brand models are as follows: AC is mainly used for HP brand laptop (support HP workstation RAID) AD is mainly used for SONY brand notebooks BD is mainly used for IBM ThinkPad, APPLE brand notebook BC is for DELL and other brand notebooks; [Notes 2] Under normal use, it is no need to move the switch. [Notes 3] Because some computer use completely different circuit design, so sue this caddy with channel switch can solve the incompatible problem. [Notes 4] In fact, it does not have on and off function although it is called «switch». it is only used to adjust the compatibility among the caaddy, notebook and hard drive.

Package Content

Brand New Perfect Universal Laptop 9.5mm SATA 3 2nd HDD SSD Caddy 6Gbps Second Solid State Hard Disk Enclosure Dual Shockproof DVD CD Optical Drive Bay Replacement x 1

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