ORICO 3518S3 3 5 inch hard font b disk b font box sata3 0 desktop hard
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ORICO 3518S3 3 5 inch hard disk box sata3 0 desktop hard drive box USB3 0

ORICO 3518S3 3.5-inch hard disk box sata3.0 desktop hard drive box USB3.0 mobile hard disk box aluminum alloy

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Model: 3518S3
Material: aluminum alloy + plastic
Product size: 190 * 115 * 35mm
Product power supply: 12V2A power adapter
Product interface: USB3.0 B-type port + SATA
Installation: locking screws
Support capacity: 8TB
Features 1: aluminum alloy material, providing a better thermal environment
Features 2: USB3.0 interface theoretical rate of 5Gbps, more conducive to high-speed stable transmission
Support system: For Windows system / MAC 9.1 / 10.2 and above

USB3.0 to SATA3.0 bridging solution

Fast data transfer reduces waiting
ORICO 3518S3 uses USB3.0 to SATA3.0 new bridging scheme to support the new transport protocol UASP protocol to provide high-capacity storage devices to increase the transmission speed by 20% and reduce CPU utilization, data latency and latency, high-speed performance up to 6Gbps, high-speed stable transmission, and power supply foot, good compatibility, greatly enhance work efficiency.

USB3.0 / 5Gbps speed transmission
Backward compatible with USB2.0 / USB1.1

SATA3.0 chip

SATA3.0 speed = SATA2.0 speed X2
Using high-performance SATA3.0 program to support 6-port SATA3.0 6Gbps fast-track, easy to respond to faster data transfer requirements.

8TB massive expansion

Free set up large-capacity mobile audio and video database
Large capacity can easily deal with 4K video technology, 3D audio and video technology, lossless sound, full HD pictures and other massive database information.

Strong power supply, stable operation

To avoid data loss caused by insufficient power supply
With 12V2A strong power adapter, hard drive running without pressure, to avoid data loss caused by insufficient power supply, or directly to the physical damage caused by the hard disk.

Aluminum body + cooling holes

Cool touch, better heat dissipation
Ordinary hard disk box using ordinary materials, while the heat is still very general, ORICO aluminum + ABS fireproof materials to create, coupled with large area cooling hole design for your hard drive to provide a more favorable cooling environment, the hard drive performance Full play.

The screws are securely loaded

Stuck hard disk, not afraid of loosening
Using the traditional way of locking sets of screws to make the hard drive more secure, clever wrap the hard drive, no longer worry about the hard disk loose, poor contact and so on.

LED status indicator

Easy to understand the working state of the hard disk
Products are equipped with mild glare of the LED lights, blue light that normal, blue and red flashing hard drive is working, one can monitor the entire hard drive working condition.

Plug and play, multi-system compatibility

Connect the computer to automatically identify the device, support for Windows xp / vista7 / 8/10 and Mac and other operating systems, no driver, support hot-swappable.

Multiple security modules, the data is more secure

Built-in over-current, over voltage, leakage, short circuit, clutter and other multiple protection mechanisms to ensure data transmission more secure.

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Цена:  2105.00 руб. / шт.
Цена продажи:  2000.00 руб. / шт.