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Read 500 MB 256G dual MSATA SSD solid state hard disk can be set RAID speed

Read 500 MB 256G dual MSATA SSD solid state hard disk can be set RAID speed reading of 950 megabytes of 0 in

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This SSD is a cer S5 hummingbird S7 dedicated solid-state drives, group for acer do OEM, can acer authentication thing is definitely not bad things!Because of special interface, so our tore myself at a loss.Quality is by no means certain domestic brand the black piece or solid with his own typing flash memory chip SSD comparable!

This product is for acer S7 teardown S5 laptop hard disk (please open the is copied to the browser can see dismantling figure), hard disk has certain polarization time (electricity time 5 hours), marked as new is convenient for you to search, mind please don’t take;Attention is not ordinary MSATA drive, can only through our switching CARDS used in desktop after shipment within 48 hours of the whole content of 5 points high praise

This product is:

1, this SSD is acer S5 hummingbird S7 dedicated solid-state drives, group for acer foundry, new machine off, power on time is very short, generally no more than 2 hours, with double master on a SSD, double 256 million cache, pay the price of a 256 g for two 120 g (group only 120 g of master control 128 g, with micron M500 as computing capacity and Intel SSD), it’s a good deal,

2, for desktop support RAID functionality, RAID 0, speed indescribable, game players ultimate choice, the king of the price!Note that raid is to give you the motherboard support machine, if you don’t support the raid, the machine that is connected to the machine computer display two separate 64 g hard disk, on how to form a raid, each machine is not the same, we can’t provide technical support, please note!

3, because be teardown the hard disk, so the price is low but the quality guaranteed, the original formal chip, won’t make you every now and then a system crash blue screen data damaged, is by no means certain domestic brands of the grinding chip;Acer is one of the international famous brand, also won’t use inferior chips do SSD, this please can rest assured.Some domestic brand price cheap, with big brand price difference is quite big, are those big brands really have so big profits?The answer is no, at the age of e-commerce, many are direct or straight for regional agents, broke a state agency, the agent profiteering, from the price difference so big?Only in the make an issue of on chip!

4, this goods mentioned two 120 g SSD is not two separate 120 g MSATA SSD, in that case I don’t need to sell in this way, please, in turn, think about it!This kind of SSD is special, a hard disk master, so a hard drive out two SATA interface.Please don’t confuse the concepts, don’t think is a switching card with the two separate 128 gb solid state hard drive.

This product does not support trial and 7 days no reason to return, don’t want to receive back, hard disk as a special commodity, used can increase electricity time and writing data, you again returned to me, I simply cannot be the same again to sell to others, can only be at a loss, we care, changed you are the seller I am buyer, I buy a hard disk with you in seven days to refund to you, believe you also can’t in accordance with the standards of the original processing, your in the mind also uncomfortable.If you buy the wrong interface or other special reasons must refund, then please get back, don’t back in the next few days, return back not refund freight only;If you are otherwise must return, we will deduct 2% of the loss every day!Warranty for 3 months, the warranty period if there are any problems, freight who send who pay, warranty only responsible to the hard drive tray body, responsible for the hard disk data, dismantling, warranty label damaged, water, fire, human factors is not warranty, high-pressure fire and lightning on agreed to clap, please think twice before buying!

Hello!Welcome, both you and me can happy to complete the transaction, be sure to please you buy our products before, spend 2 minutes to read the product introduction and warranty, this product is so that you have a comprehensive understanding of, so I am good for you.Do you take goods payment means that you agree to the terms and conditions of our agreement, shall not have any objection, I wish you a happy shopping!

Speed test:



This is the appearance of the plastic bracket, pay attention to pay attention to the method when the card inside, inside part has four small protrusions, four small bump is not centered, biased towards one side, adapter card should be placed on the narrow side, I say that maybe you don’t quite understand, to support a see see.


2, about the hard disk capacity:

Operating system algorithm: 1 gb = 1024 MB, 1 MB = 1024 KB, 1 KB = 1024 byte (because the operating system USES two hexadecimal, 2 was 10 to the power of 1024);Hard disk manufacturer algorithm: 1 gb = 1000 MB, 1 MB = 1000 KB, 1 KB = 1000 byte;Trademark of hard disk factory called 120 gb hard drive, for example, conversion of bytes (Byte) is 120 G = 120000000000 bytes, displayed on the computer’s capacity is 120000000000 bytes, divided by 1024 divided by 1024 divided by 1024, equal to 111.75 G, so the capacity of hard disk in the computer display = hard drive the nominal value of 0.93 X, because when SSD production is the need to write the program, known as the firmware, this program is to take up the space, so the actual capacity is less than nominal capacity * 0.93, this is normal

3, about software testing and hard disk cache:

Currently the vast majority of SSD does not support the software test cache, to see whether the SSD cache unless dismantling the cache chip, so please don’t software measurement is less than the cache to tangle with me;Another is hard DISK health problems, a lot of software can’t compatible with all of the SSD, such as samsung PM80 / PM810 / PM830 series, if they are smart, with CRYSTAL DISK INFO test, are generally one hundred percent, but if it is HP, lenovo, dell and other manufacturers of OEM products, the goods is new, health also is between 80% and 95%, and the same plate with different CRYSTAL DISK version INFO to test, the result is different also, because the software is, after all, anyone she compiled program, not the SSD manufacturer, SSD manufacturer is impossible out of a lot of core technology, so sure miscalculation problems;Please use MHDD bad question under DOS scan, this shall prevail!

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